Welcome to Under Heaven and Earth LLC!  Here you will find cards and card sets that can be found no where else, be it under heaven or upon the earth.  They will evoke a nod, a smile, maybe a laugh, or maybe lead you to take a moment and reflect.  That is our mission.  We hope you enjoy!
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Cards of an Offbeat Ilk!
★ All of our cards feature a choice of paper stock:
    ● simulated canvas
    ● photo quality gloss
    ● photo quality matte
★ Every card includes an envelope for mailing.
★ All cards measure 5x7 inches.
★ Any card is only $2.95!
Themed Card Sets!
★ Just the thing for those who prefer "similar but different."
★ Sets typically contain 4 or 5 cards.
★ 4-card sets are $9.95 each, 5-card sets are $11.95 each.

  Here's A Sample...
Here is a randomly selected sample from our portfolio.
Click on the image to see it in extended view, which, if it is a card, can be opened or closed to see the inside.
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  Why a Printed Card?

Well, of course you can always send a free e-card. But you get what you pay for most times. The printed card is a memento, like an old photograph or an old polaroid, like that old letter or postcard you've saved for all these years. You can write on it with a Bic pen, and the receiptient will see YOUR words, not some computer generated typeface. And, even better, a printed card lasts, and will be around hundreds of years from now, with proper care. Go ahead, try that with an internet link, or a disk drive.

The printed card is something you can hold. You can frame it and put it on your wall. You can put it in a scrapbook, or in a holder to sit upon your desk. We're sold on the printed card, and think you should be as well. Send one today to a loved one or friend. Or find one to send to your worst enemy and piss them off, heh heh.

Seen against the human lifespan, a printed card is virtually forever.